Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

The WordPress platform is an open source content management system that is widely used for creating websites. It offers maximum flexibility and control over your website. WordPress websites are made up of 3 main components – the WordPress platform itself; plugins – which add additional functionality; and themes which provide design and layout. All of these components get updated overtime by their developers. These updates include security patches, bug fixes, additional features and compatibility improvements. It is important to keep all these components up to date to ensure the website stays secure and operational. If you don’t keep your website up to date you leave your website vulnerable to security exploits and compatibility issues. In our Managed Hosting plans we take care of all this for you.

Managed WordPress Hosting services include:

  • Installation and configuration of WordPress platform
  • Updating all plugins, themes and WordPress core on a regular basis
  • Resolving any issues caused by updates
  • Daily backups of the entire website, database and emails
  • Free Website recovery in the event of data loss or corruption
  • Enforcement of best practice security measures – eg. strong passwords
  • Free SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt
  • Free CDN setup with Cloudflare
  • Hosted on dedicated server in Australian datacentre
  • Hack prevention – best practice security measures
  • Free Setup of any domains you want to use
  • Server updates – Latest PHP version
  • Security monitoring – Wordfence reports, detect any changes to files.
  • Setup of any email accounts you might want
  • License management – we’ll make sure all your licenses are kept up to date
  • Technical support via phone or email
Email Hosting
$150 AU / year
Business email
Unlimited email addresses up to total space of 30GB
Access email using Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Webmail and more
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Online Control Panel (cPanel)
Use POP3 or IMAP
Easily upgrade to full web-hosting plan later
Datacentre in Australia
Wordpress Hosting Single Site
$365 AUD / Year
1 website
30GB Storage
30GB Bandwidth
Unlimited email addresses
Free SSL Certificate
Free Cloudflare CDN Setup
Plugin and theme update management
Daily Backups
Online Control Panel (cPanel)
Unlimited databases
Datacentre in Australia

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online space where your website lives. The information and files which make up your website are stored on a server. A server is basically just a computer with the sole purpose of storing and serving websites. A domain name can be thought of as an address. When you access a website your computer uses that address to locate the website and the server on which it resides.

A domain name and web hosting are both necessary things to have a website up and running. Serene Digital can help you with the purchasing of a domain and setup of web hosting. Our web hosting packages are shown in the table below.

Why Choose Serene Hosting?

Localised Support: Serene Digital focuses on security, reliability and support. We are based in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales which means locals are able to access fast phone or email support for their websites with a personal and local technician

  • Security: We take a proactive approach to website security. We ensure all our websites operate on a secure connection and provide a free SSL certificate to each site.
  • All in one Maintenance Service: We regularly maintain our clients websites to make sure all the software, themes and plugins are up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Speed: Our dedicated servers are based in Australia and provide our clients with a bespoke server environment that you don’t get from general hosting providers where you are sharing with only select few websites. Our servers have been tested to be one of the fastest load times in Australia.
  • Reliability: We have a 99.9% uptime on our servers, making this one of the leaders in australian server providers and because its a bespoke service for relatively few websites our attention to detail will beat any of the hosting giants.
  • Real People: Connect with a real technician whenever you need, wait times are reduced for our business packages.

Experts in web design, web hosting and custom coding solutions for small and medium business.

Experience stress free IT with local website support help that’s always there, every time.


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